Kansas Children’s Service League

Kansas Children’s Service League’s Healthy Families utilizes the Healthy Families America model, an evidence-based intensive home visitation model.

The goals of the program are to cultivate and strengthen nurturing parent-child relationships, promote healthy childhood growth and development, and enhance family functioning by reducing risk and building protective factors.

Healthy Families home visits are provided for families starting during pregnancy or shortly after the birth of the child, and continuing until the child is 3 to 5 years of age.

Kansas Children’s Service League’s Parent Engagement Program is designed to increase parental engagement in children’s education, provide family support and increase the five protective factors in families. The program will offer Parent Cafes, parent support groups and Parent Leadership Council meetings.

Families involved with services of CASS partners will be targeted, but the program will be also available to at-risk parents throughout Shawnee County.

Visit our website: https://www.kcsl.org